Data Services - Getting Started with Google Imagery

** Using Data Services **

Download and install the latest version of Arc2Earth. If you do not have an Arc2Earth serial number, you can get a free Community Edition one here that will provide a 2 day free trial of Data Services.

Open the Data Services Google Maps toolbar

To display the Google Maps data, simply click on the "Show" button on the toolbar. This will toggle the layer's visibility in the map.

To change Map Types (Street, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain), use the dropdown control on the toolbar. Depending on where you are viewing in the world, different levels of detail will be available. Google is constantly updating it's map data so this will change over time.

Use the Search button to search for any location or address in the world. If found, the map will be automatically zoomed/panned to the proper location

Use the Identify Tool to get address information by clicking anywhere on the map