Data Services Troubleshooting

If you are having problems viewing the new Data Services in ArcMap, please check the list below for possible solutions. If the list does not help, please enter a new support forum request and we'll try to help you directly

Try Restarting the A2EDS service

  1. Close ArcMap
  2. Find the A2EDS.exe icon in the Windows System Tray
    Image Name
  3. Right click on the icon to get the context menu, click the Exit menu item
    Image Name
  4. Restart ArcMap

Toolbar - Make sure you are using the new "Google Maps" toolbar and not the older "Arc2Earth Google Maps" one (which is now marked as depreciated). The new "Google Maps" toolbar is not visible by default, you have to turn it on in ArcMap first

Install - Make sure you have full Admin right when you install Arc2Earth, many portions of Arc2Earth will not function if they have not been properly installed. After installation, the A2ELicense window will appear. There is debug log on the second tab. If you are having install problems, please post the log text to your support form request

No Connection - ArcMap cannot connect with A2EDS.exe. Make sure the process A2EDS.exe is running. If it is, please locate the small A2E icon in the windows tasktray and right click to get the context menu. Click the Show Options menu item. Then when the window appears, click the Show Debug Log button. Post this log file to your support forum request

Connection Made- No Imagery - Please check the log file from A2EDS.exe above. Also, goto the main A2E toolbar in ArcMap. Help->Show Options->Show Debug Log. Post these two logs to your support forum request.

Internet Connection - It is critical that Internet Explorer has internet access on your machine. Also, if there are any network security rules that would forbid javascript or scripting objects, these will prevent A2EDS.exe from operating correctly. If you have a web proxy service on your network, Arc2Earth attempts to connect to it automatically. In some cases it cannot so you must fill this information in manually on the Help->Show Options->Web Proxy tab

Network Web Proxies Please make sure these domains are white-listed on your network web proxies

ArcMap crashes immediately - You might have the ESRI Attribute Assistant installed, please read this KB article:

Log File Locations

Main Arc2Earth Log File:

Data Services (A2EDS.exe ) Log File:

A2EDesktop (ArcGIS Pro AddIn ) Log File:

Installation Log: