Arc2Earth Issues with July 12th Windows Service Updates

On July 12th, Microsoft sent out several security fixes for several Windows versions. These updates altered how libraries are loaded into memory and caused our 3rd party licensing software to fail. In these cases, Arc2Earth would not work or even load on some machines. It was initially reported as as a Windows 7 SP1 issue but it turns out this issue affects many more operating system configurations. As such, the current release of Arc2Earth will be a mandatory upgrade for all users (if you are using Arc2Earth V3, this is a free upgrade)
The windows updates are listed below


You will need to install our current release of the software in order to fix this issue. For current V3 users simply go to our download site at this link: Download

For user still on V1 and V2, the only solution would be to not install or uninstall the above service packs (not recommended) but unfortunately you will need to upgrade to V3 to fix this issue.

For pricing, simply go to our pricing page, select your edition, and enter your V1 or V2 license into the coupon box to upgrade today.

You might want to consider one of our Data Services bundles as well.