Export Map Symbols to Styled-Layer Descriptor (SLD)

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Styled-Layer Descriptor (SLD) is an OSG standard for describing map symbology and labeling. Arc2Earth SLD Exporter allows you to use the symbols, renderers and labels used in ArcMap in your SLD definition files. There are many symbols that cannot be described in SLD but in some case, A2E will create representations of them instead (ex: all complex Marker symbols are exported as hi-res PNGs and referenced from the SLD)

Step 1 - Select the Export Layer Style to SLD Menu Item

**Step 2 - Select to export Layers or the entire Map **

The Community Edition can only export single layers, you'll need to upgrade to Pro if you want create a single SLD file for your entire Map. After your selection, click on the Export button and you will be asked for a location to export to.

** Results**

You can open the created SLD files in any XML or Text readers for inspection. Note that any graphics that need to be created for marker symbols are copied to the Graphics folder. You would need to move this folder to the proper location on your server if you want to use the SLD in production

** Example**

Here's a map from the ArcGIS tutorial data:
Link to full zip file