Exporting Data

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One of primary function of Arc2Earth is the ability to export entire maps from ArcMap. This includes all of the layers, the map background, the annotation graphics and several map surround items like a Legend and a TOC for the Google Earth Places panel. Arc2Earth allows you to set individual options for all of these items and to store them in an options file (*.a2e) so that they can be quickly loaded at a later time.

Using the Export Window

  1. Open ArcMap and make sure there is at least one layer in the active Map Frame
  2. If you have multiple Map Frames in the document, Activate the Map Frame you want to export
  3. Go to the Arc2Earth Export menu and either select “Export Selected Layer” or “Export All Layers”
  4. From this window, you can control nearly every aspect of the export process. Each will be discussed in full below


The first item to note is that the tabs that display on the right are controlled by what node in the treeview you select at the left. When you select the top-most node that contains the name of the Map Frame (usually this is “Layers” but will change based on the name of your MapFrame), you will see options that control the overall map export. When you select an individual layer node on the left, you will see options that control that specific layer.

Loading and Saving Options – There are many options that can be set for the map and for the variable number of layers you decide to export. For this reason, you can save option files that can be loaded at a later time. Use the “Load” or “Save” buttons at the bottom left of the window. Saving will create a “FileName_MapName.a2e” file at the chosen location. While the extension is “a2e”, this is only an XML file that you can open in any text editor if you want to see what is stored. One item to note when loading option files, if you alter the naming or TOC ordering of the layers, Arc2Earth may not be able to line up the appropriate saved layer options with the layers. This is particularly true if you have several layers with the exact same name. Future version of the software will alleviate this problem.

Option files can be used from the main export window, the developer API or from the Geoprocessing tool. For instance, you can define the Info Window formatting and HTML layout and then use this information when you use the GP tool inside one of your models. When exporting from the tool, Arc2Earth will apply the options to the layer.

Export Button – Click on this button to start the export process. You will be prompted for where to place the resulting file and then the Progress Window will appear.