Map Tile Cache - ArcGIS Server Format

Map Tile Caches can be created from anything that you can display in ArcMap. The tiles can then be used in any number of online web mapping APIs like Google Maps, Microsoft Bing, OpenLayer or

One of the new features in A2E is create tile caches that conform to the ArcGIS Server folder and file naming conventions. The tiles themselves will still be projected in Web Mercator and will continue to be cut using the z/x/y standard however, they will be placed in folders and given names that correspond to an "exploded" ArcGIS Server cache.

This is helpful in scenarios where you need to augment the tile cache creation or management of an existing ArcGIS Server installation. The reasons for this usually fall into these categories:

  1. The existing AGS server licenses are busy serving the data and cannot be taken offline or reduced in capacity for tile cache maintenance
  2. The existing AGS server is installed behind a firewall and the data needed to recreate/manage the tile cache can not be accessed
  3. New functionality in Arc2Earth (like the Change Detection Level) can be used to reduce the tile needed to maintain tile caches

Creating a tile cache in AGS format is easy, it's a simple dropdown on the main Tile Exporter Window (or a single parameter on the command line)

Here's some sample results once you have run the exporter: