Map Tile Layer - Custom Specs for other tilecaches

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Custom Map Tile Layer Samples

1) Display the Map Tile Layer toolbar in ArcMap
2) Click the Option button (second to last on toolbar)
3) Goto the Tile Providers tab
4) Click Add and fill in the three values for each layer
a. ID: a simple unique string value for each layer, it is used when storing the tiles in a local cache so it must be unique b. Name: any string value, this is what the user will see in the Map Tile Layer Dropdown so it should be friendly c. Url: a templated Url for the tile cache i. {Z} = (required) Zoom level ii. {X} = (required) X index in cache for Zoom level iii.{Y} = (required) Y index in cache for Zoom level iv. {QK} = (optional) if your tiles are stored using the MS Virtual QuadKey naming convention. Z, X, Y are not required when using this option v. {S} = (optional) server round robin value, will cycle over values 0 to 3. While this does not benefit the client in ArcMap (like in browser), it may help with certain server configurations to spread the request load

GeoServer/GeoWebCache Tile Layers
ID: SomeUniqueID
Name: Some Easy Name For User
Url: http://EXAMPLE.COM:PORT/GEOWEBCACHE_PATH/service/gmaps?layers=YOUR_...

Open Aerial Map
Name: Open Aerial Map